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May & June Exhibit

"Half Remembered"
By Mark Wilcox
Oil On Canvas and Wood Panel

Showing at the Nevada City Winery Gallery

May 13th – June 19th

About the Show

Mark Wilcox’s paintings of spacious, dreamlike landscapes create a sensation of floating toward endless horizons; then you realize his unique perspectives and rich, soothing colors are the pathway there.
Wilcox’s tones of earth, water, and sky convey a watercolor quality, yet keep the intensity and texture of oils. Faint outlines subtly define shapes which connect us to a sense of place, melding with fleeting, compelling visions.
Wilcox’s paintings capture the wild and serene all at once. Sometimes there are rare glimpses of a curtained moon or reflective light on water or clouds. His clouds don’t just hang in the sky, they encompass you in a story. Look closer and you will wonder if this cloud will tip over or find its way back to a “Half Remembered” place.

Artist Statement

Mark Wilcox talks about his Show “Half Remembered” at the Nevada City Winery Gallery.
“I work in oil and paint nature with a translucent, watercolor-like approach that emphasizes texture, mood, and luminosity. 
The ephemeral quality of a scene interests me most of all. I like to capture a moment or a mood, and usually start with a visual reference, but abandon it midway in favor of a half-remembered idealization. The memory of a thing is more powerful than the thing itself.
I’m less concerned with the reality of a place than with its visual poetry. A sense of hope and wonder are what I love most.

About the Artist

Mark Wilcox is a native of Northern California where he lives, works, and finds inspiration. His early education in the visual arts came from an obsession with the Golden Age book illustrators such as Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, N.C. Wyeth, and others.
He sidestepped art school for an English degree and a seven-year odyssey in Kyoto, Japan. There he developed a love for the minimalist aesthetic and a talent for illustration, becoming a regular contributor to the magazines The Kyoto Journal and Kansai Time Out.
Returning to California, Mark began a career in music technology, specializing in visual interaction design and graphic design. It was during this time that he took up oil painting, drawing inspiration from the California landscape.
Mark has developed an approach to oil that uses translucent glazes and emphasizes simplicity of design, texture, mood, and luminosity.
He believes that the arts are humanity’s best hope for survival.

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Facebook: @MarkWilcoxArt

Instagram: @markwilcoxpainter

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