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November & December Exhibit


By Jacqué Price

Oil on Canvas

Showing at the Nevada City Winery Gallery

November 18th – January 9th 

About the Show

With her new series, Artist Jacqué Price gently brings us to a world of wonder and shares her deep adoration for nature’s ability not only to gift, but to teach us, when truly seen.

In these works, there’s a sense of unrestricted movement at times, then, careful thoughtful brush strokes that are full and flowing. Each piece has unique enriching colors and tonality. Without a doubt, this series has immense inner life and, Price’s generous personal devotion to her subjects, gives the viewer a sense of renewed discovery, whether outside in nature or inside ourselves.

Artists Statement

Artist Jacqué Price talks about her new show at the Nevada City Winery Gallery
As a landscape and figure painter, I explore the connection between the earth and the psyche, the view and the viewer. I aim to capture the essence of belonging in both nature and the human experience. In this way, my attempt is to create paintings that invite onlookers to connect with the view and simultaneously view their own existence as a beautiful and necessary process. The subjects of my paintings, big mountains in desolate landscapes and moody figures, are mirrors to what is as personal as it is universal. These bare giants of the earth and mind beg that we reflect on the denied parts of ourselves and the land we will one day return to.
Working in oil, I use large long handled brushes, a palette knife, and non-toxic lavender essential oil as a thinner. I paint loosely and favor gentle movement and texture to create peaceful and gestural lines. With broad strokes and layers, I simplify value planes in order to render objects abstract yet recognizable. With each painting I find the aim is to say more with less.

About the Artist

After Art school Jacquelyne was told studio artists don’t often make enough money to survive, so she reluctantly abandoned painting and tried to find a more sensible career.
 Over the next 10 years Jacquelyne devoted her life to apprenticing under her grandmother, a Naturopathic Doctor, and completing various certifications to build her Holistic Health practice. She taught seminars, saw clients, wrote health blogs and thought this was the life she was meant to live.
​Despite her conviction to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps, Jacquelyne was unfulfilled. So she decided to travel and take a break from her practice to reset.  Yet, after a year of travel that took her around the world, she still felt lost. Leaving her practice completely seemed too extreme, and she didn’t know what else she could do for a living.
Finally, Jacquelyne came to terms with needing to make a fresh start, and build a new career. Missing family after 16 years away from her hometown, she went back to Placerville, California. Within a few weeks, Jacquelyne began painting regularly again while working part time. Jacquelyne’s family and community were very encouraging of her art. Over the next 9 months she transitioned into making art full time.
Now three years into making a fulfilling career as a full-time artist, Jacquelyne is thriving. She paints in oil on canvas from her home studio in Kings Beach, California. In addition to painting ongoing series’, she teaches fine art classes online, paints commissions for clients, and murals whenever she has the opportunity.
She is thrilled to exhibit her newest series, “Inscape” at the Nevada City Winery Gallery. “Inscape” is Jacquelyne’s first solo show in Nevada County, California.
Jacquelyne’s work can also be seen at Brass and Oak in Placerville and Mountain Arts Collective in Truckee, California. She frequently displays her work at local art fairs and various markets throughout the year.

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Instagram: @jacquepriceart

Facebook: Jacquelyne Price Art

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