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The Nevada City Winery Gallery
Experience new works from spirited local artists.

"Mountain Meditations" 

By Kimberlee Brown

Showing at the Nevada City Winery Gallery

September 13th – October 15th

Opening Reception

Friday, September 15th | 5:30–7:30 pm

About the Show

At first, Kimberlee Brown’s show, “Mountain Meditations” appears to be a series of gentle, watercolor-like landscapes. However, when one gets closer and becomes more absorbed, the viewer will find that these graciously conceived pieces are created with layers of hand-painted fabrics, previously painted by Brown, which are then assembled piece by piece. All are done in an exquisitely meticulous, yet flowing and skilled manner.
Through these “mountainscapes,” so named by Brown, you will want to stop, take a breath, and ease into the quiet, spacious places Brown has envisioned and created. You’ll find that an enlighte
ned and expansive experience awaits.

Artist Statement
Kimberlee Brown talks about her show “Mountain Meditations” at the Nevada City Winery Gallery –

A large part of the joy that comes to me while creating my mountainscapes is that I never know where it’s going to take me. I just play and experiment, and then something beautiful happens, and I am amazed and delighted. It’s a great way to live life in general.

In the wild places of the earth, where only nature sets the mood, where the wind disperses our fears, and most especially when we are faced with the sights of a grand mountain range, we are reminded of the greatness and beauty of our planet. Creating these images is, for me, a reflection of that sentiment. Indeed, the process gives me that same sense of peace, as though I were there. It is my sincerest hope that, through my art, I can pass this feeling on to others.


About the Artist
Kimberlee Brown has been creating art for as long as she can remember, and has pursued many art forms including drawing, painting, photography, and even designing clothing. Much of her inspiration has come from nature, having accompanied her father, a field biologist and nature photographer, on many journeys throughout the wilderness of the western United States. She acquired a degree in biology at U.C. Santa Cruz, worked in biotech, learned to fly an airplane, and taught flying. Yet, all the while, she continued her pursuit in art.
Having learned to sew at a young age, she made many of her own clothes, building up a considerable stash of fabric. In her mid-thirties, she began to combine her artistic talents with these fabrics, eventually painting her own fabrics that she currently uses in her mountainscapes.

Brown’s work has been shown in galleries, including her own gallery, and numerous juried art shows throughout northern California.

Her studio is located in Nevada City where she and her husband live.
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