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October & November Exhibit

"Works From A Lean-To"
By Richard Swayze
Oil on wood panels and canvas

Showing at the Nevada City Winery Gallery

October 6th – November 20th

Opening Reception

 Friday, October 7th from 5:30 to 7:30 PM.

About the Show

Richard Swayze’s oil paintings are visionary and spacious, not necessarily in size, but in absolute focus and perspective.

In his mountain summits, one senses both boundlessness and precision. The peaks seem to have an echo, which brings the eye to brilliantly clear contrasts from textured crags to smooth and pristine waters.  
Swayze’s figurative subjects, whether a human or a mountain goat, are completely present and felt. 
His use of color ranges from pure to nuanced or complex.

Ever so thin lines don’t distract, rather they define, or bring your attention to detail and dimension; Such as a fence line or a weathered bridge that angles into the distance. Step back and notice what is in-between the lines or surrounds the space.
“Works From A Lean-To” is filled with opportunities for solace and contemplation.
Artist Statement
Artist, Richard Swayze, talks about his show “Works From A Lean-To” at the Nevada City Winery Gallery.


My lean-to studio has no electricity or heat, and it is missing a window and door. My studio is small, and often my paintings are too. In the winter, the rains pound on the metal roof. When it is cold, I wear a down jacket with my hood tightly fastened. Year-round, cones from a Ponderosa pine drop with a loud bang.
My recent paintings are landscapes painted in oils. They are mostly of mountains, but occasionally I will paint a house or a portrait. I paint what I understand or think I understand. I listen to music when I paint and, sometimes, I use the same brush for the entire painting. Each season, I print my paintings on postcards and send them off to folks. I enjoy the connection between my work and the postcards, which serves as a roaming gallery. I enjoy checking in with people with something tangible.
About the Artist
Richard Swayze is a carpenter who lives in a small house in Colfax, surrounded by Doug firs, Ponderosa pines, and oaks.
Swayze studied at the Instituto Allende, the Academia de Belle Arti di Firenze, the San Francisco Art Institute, and at Sierra College. He first came to the Sierra Foothills after receiving an Artist in Residence Grant from Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco.
Instagram: @richard.swayze


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