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May Exhibit

The Human Side

by Ron Kenedi

Showing at Nevada City Winery

May 7th–June 6th


About the Show

Ron Kenedi’s Show, The Human Side, calls on the viewer to deeply consider, ponder, and celebrate the numerous facets of humanity – Everything from people’s powerful beauty and graceful dignity to their determination and courage in the face of cruelty. Kenedi approaches all his subjects with respect, empathy, and a tremendous amount of research.

Like his paintings’ subjects, Kenedi’s colors are full of life. They awaken our senses and hearts to how we choose to interact with one another.

A Statement by the Artists

“The Human Side” mainly features paintings completed during our year-long lock down.  This exhibit includes multicultural influences from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the U.S. My hope is that after such a long period of isolation this show will provide visual enjoyment to viewers and celebrate the universal interconnection of people, no matter who they are, where they are from, or what guides their lives.


In response to viewing “Night Crossing” a painting that is part of this exhibit, an Instagram supporter of my work wrote, “this painting shows the human side of immigration.” Her words are the catalyst for the title of this exhibit, “The Human Side”. The works chosen for this show have a common thread. They each show the human response to a situation, (Covid 19 quarantine) - “Inside is the New Outside” a concept. (The many faces of parenthood and family) – “Heart to Mind”,  or “Red Dresses”, an origination (Indigenous, the Maasai paintings), or a general condition of the times - “The Darkest Hour…”.  It is the depth of human reaction that I paint. 


I call my work “Commentary Art”. Some people call it political art, but I prefer to see it in broader terms, focusing on the mysteries and ironies of the human experience

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