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Nevada City is part of the state-designated Cultural District. The art community is alive and vibrant with an endless pool of talented artists displaying their works.
The Nevada City Winery Art Gallery hosts a different local artist each month and is open to the public free of charge. You are invited to join us at the opening receptions or simply stop by to view the show.

January Exhibit

Wild & Scenic Film Festival Art Exhibit

January 16th — February 3rd


The Wild & Scenic Film Festival, in collaboration with Nevada County Arts, presents environmentally-themed artwork for the 18th annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival in Nevada City and Grass Valley. 


Art Reception & Award Ceremony

Kick off the Wild & Scenic Art Exhibition with an Art Reception and Award Ceremony from 4:30 to 6:30pm on Thursday, January 16th at the Gold Miners Inn — 121 Bank Street.


Art Stroll

On Friday, January 17th you can take an Art Stroll in Nevada City from 4 – 6 pm and in Grass Valley on Saturday, January 18th from 3:30 – 5:30 pm.


About the Artists

Anya Tuton

For me, activism has always started with the understanding of all our interconnectedness. Each of these block prints is a memory of a moment where I was fortunate enough to have witnessed nature uninterrupted and uncurated by humankind. I hope that the act of “recording” these memories, carving each block, and printing them by hand, gives others a bit of the joy and inspiration I feel when the world is humming and we see our way to connection.

Elana Gabrielle

My artwork is influenced by the wild and varied landscapes of Northern California where I grew up. Having spent much of my childhood in Nevada City, it has been woven into my work in many ways. My work embodies the natural world in both form and function using sustainable practices and natural fibers, dyes, and recycled papers. Through my work I aim to raise awareness for endangered species, encourage stewardship of the land, and a love for the world around us.

Dick Stoakes

The scenic vistas and displays of natural beauty that we admire in the Sierra are not merely the result of physical and ecological processes. Governmental policies and regulations help shape what we see and experience. Martis Lake, in Nevada and Placer counties, has long been important for the recreational opportunities it provides. Whether it continues to hold a notable trout fishery will depend largely upon ensuring that development upstream doesn’t harm water quality in the impoundment

Vlatka Varga

My early childhood was spent in Croatia in the magical orchard of paternal grandparents. Summers on the Adriatic revealed the majesty of the sea and life of authenticity, simplicity and beauty. So strong were these childhood impressions that they continue to inform my life and my work. In my oil/cold wax mixed media paintings I am inspired to convey the mystery, magic and wonder of the natural world.

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Recent Artists


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