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September Exhibit

"Round Mountain Suite"
By Betsy Lombard
Oil on Linen Canvas

Showing at the Nevada City Winery Gallery

September 1st – October 2nd

Opening Reception and First Friday Artwalk

 Friday, September 2nd from 5:00–9:00 PM.

Meet the artist between 6:00–8:00 PM.

About the Show

In these personal, nature immersed paintings by Betsy Lombard, we experience reflective moments of awe and quietude. 

Each work is filled with dynamic perspectives. There are wide, vast, progressive views that carry you from shrubs, water, ice, or golden reeds, emerging from layered terrains to sky-touched ridges; or a closeup abstraction of trees, their bark with flicks of wondrous iridescent colors. You can even feel the cold, bluish snow encasing the trees. 

Lombard’s brush strokes are fully alive, as if traveling with a powerful momentum from her eyes and heart, down her arm into her wrist and hand – culminating in paintings that speak the poetry of reverence.

Artist Statement

Artist Betsy Lombard talks about her show “Round Mountain Suite” at the Nevada City Winery Gallery
Round Mountain Suite; 
A suite of oil paintings done in and nearby my Round Mountain art studio.
During the period of introspection commencing in March 2020, peoples' eyes opened to a deeper love of their immediate environment. I looked out my studio windows at the madrones, especially, and thought, "why haven't I painted these more?" – So I began to. When it snowed, I, quickly, before the snow melted. Taking a walk on Sugarloaf, I saw the oaks and distant view across Yuba River canyon and photographed it to paint later. Earlier works were finished using the view out my windows. The most intimate level of things drew my appreciation: leaves, feathers, bark (madrone paper!), spider web mandalas, a tree frog's eye mask. My security in the gorgeous environment was precious, along with a bed to sleep in, delicious food to eat, a partner devoted to me, and a dog who worshipped the ground upon which I tread.
What initially felt like a contraction turned out to be, for me, a tremendous expansion.
As I paint, I want to create something whose power and grace is familiar, exhilarating and comforting too. Not as a repeat but as an image or feeling that already existed in deep consciousness: a sort of time travel. 
It already existed because it does now, and has a place here.

About the Artist

Written by Betsy Lombard
Betsy Lombard fled Southern California after graduating midterm from Upland High School in 1974. First to Kings Beach, Tahoe, then to Wellfleet, Massachusetts where she worked as a lobster cook, cranberry sorter, and painter, having her first show at the Provincetown Women’s' Center.

Her mother, June, had supported her art talents by taking her daughter to museums in the LA area and the Laguna Art Festival. 

Lombard also lived in Caspar, California near Mendocino, painting watercolors of weedy florals from Caspar Creek, and the surrounding area including the fog. 

Living in the Fifth Avenue Marina warehouses for two decades she continued her career doing pastels and watercolors of the industrial surroundings, and showed in Bay Area venues along with Open Studios. 

Now in Nevada City since early 2001 on five acres with off-grid power and a 950 square foot studio floating amongst the trees on the second floor, she continues her work, part plein air and also larger studio works. 

Part of Alexander Gallery for 2 years as well as Camelot Gallery, local shows at ASif and Spirit Gallery in Truckee, she has shown also at 20th St. Art, in Sacramento.

Lombard has painted in plein air festivals in the Lost Coast, Mendocino, San Clemente, Alameda, San Luis Obispo and Estes Park, Colorado.

She counts among her influences the Society of Six, Henri Rousseau and Franz Marc. Her work is widely collected. 

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