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August & September Exhibit

Show Title: “Resilience with our Ancient Ancestors”

Artist:  Jennifer Rugge

Mixing natural earth minerals into paints, Jennifer Rugge explores the world of the Ancients in her art.  She integrates the mysteries surrounding their art, techniques and early language roots in signs and pictographs. From the images that emerge on canvas, Jennifer recreates in clay sculptures, using natural minerals and pit fires. 

A Statement by the Artist


“Resilience with our Ancient Ancestors” 

Resilience is the ability to recover.  We travel through life seemingly alone, but we are like others thinking we know the self we are.  Our ancient ancestors experienced this same road. The appearances of difficult times speak loudly to gain our attentions and intentions as throughout history as we continue to uncover its depth, truth, and reality.  

So I asked myself, “What do these times tell me about the self I believe to be?  What can I do or change within myself first to find resilience and a future?”

Beginning with my individual self is the first step to any needed change. For me it is an awareness of love, a deeper love for my sense of self asking to feel comfort and protection. To share this with others comes through my art; it influences and directs the internal desire. I hold this as the basis of resilience for my attentions and intentions and hope that others may find it, see it, and connect in some way. This is where our ability to recover grows. Tracing the resilience of our ancient ancestors has enabled all of us to be here today, to move forward together.  

This path as an artist has shown me alternative ways to understanding our original roots through my own ancestral DNA trail, the study of Cave Art and artifacts, and the early knowledge of language expressed in signs and pictographs.  Because of my deep interest in historical roots, my digging into the ancient past has led me on an intriguing journey. It began with the early Italian fresco painters. The preparations of minerals into paints, writing in the illuminated style, and gold leaf applications that were used to capture the customs, symbols, and stories of the times. This then opened my sense of self to another dimension of spiritual perspectives in life as well as the curiosity of our ancestral cave dwellers and sojourners. Together these speak through my art along with creating an eco-friendly studio, using natural mineral paints and earth friendly products. 

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