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(PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee that these prices are up to date. Please call 530-265-9463 to confirm. Last updated 5/10/2023)

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$20 Per Person  -  $10 for Club Members
2018 Sauvignon Blanc
Green Apple - Pear - White Peach - Lime
lovely acidity with long, lingering flavors and a creamy texture on the close.

2017 Chardonnay 

Crisp Pear - Touch  of Toasted Oak
Dry, medium-bodied, with just the right amount of acidity.
2021 Sangiovese RoseSilver Medal 
Raspberry - Cherry - Strawberry
Light to medium bodied with bright acidity and a hint of minerality.
2017 ZinfandelNew Release 
Raspberry - Red Cherry - Spice
Lively with layered fruit, soft tannins, and balanced acidity.
2017 Cabernet SauvignonSilver Medal 
Black Currant - Green Peppercorn - Smoky Oak
Beautifully balanced with a moderate to long finish.

Premium Flight

$24 Per Person  -  $12 for Club Members

2020 Chenin Blanc

Melon - Citrus - White Pepper
Crisp and light with a floral bouquet and a bright, lingering, delightfully refreshing finish.

2021 Reserve Chardonnay

Butter - Toasted Oak - Peach - Caramel
Medium-bodied with a soft, round mouthfeel and a long, satisfying finish.


2017 Reserve MerlotSilver Medal

Currants - Plum - Black Pepper - Toasted Oak
Rich with mouth-filling structure and a long, complex finish. 

Reserve Barbera 

Plum - Black Cherry - Cinnamon
Sumptuous fruit, moderate tannins, and a long, complex finish.

NV Tempranillo

Red Cherry - Cloves - Plum
Robust with fine tannins and balanced acidity.

By the Glass

2020 Chenin BlancSilver Medal
Glass $12.00 Member Glass $10.00

2018 Sauvignon BlancBronze Medal
Glass $11.00 Member Glass $9.00

2017 ChardonnaySilver Medal

Glass $11.00 Member Glass $9.00


2021 Reserve ChardonnayNew Release

Glass $14.00 Member Glass $12.00
2021 Sangiovese RoséSilver Medal
Glass $12.00 Member Glass $10.00
2017 ZinfandelSilver Medal 
Glass $12.00 Member Glass $10.00

TempranilloSilver Medal

Glass $12.00 Member Glass $10.00

2017 Reserve BarberaPlatinum Medal - Best of Class

Glass $15.00 Member Glass $13.00

2017 Reserve MerlotSilver Medal

Glass $14.00 Member Glass $12.00

2017 Cabernet SauvignonSilver Medal

Glass $11.00 Member Glass $9.00

By the Bottle

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