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Pour Your Next Glass
“Wine on tap means the first glass poured is as fresh as the last”

Nevada City Winery is extremely excited to release our kegs to the general public. There are many benefits to serving wine by the keg in addition to the ease of having a larger quantity of wine in one container. Using kegged wine ensures freshness from the first glass to the last, without losing integrity through oxidation, corkage, or spoilage.
Our kegs are perfect for large parties and events where great wine can be served with ease, at a lower cost and with less waste. We hope that making our favorite varietals available by the keg will benefit our customers as they’re able to serve their loved ones with a quality product made with the utmost care.
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Of Wine Kegs


2020 Sauvignon Blanc
Nevada County

This Sauvignon Blanc is deliciously crisp, fruity, full flavored, and dry with an enticing aroma of green apple, pear, and a hint of citrus.


NV Chardonnay

This Chardonnay is fresh and balanced. There are flavors of lime, tropical fruits, and crème brûlée on the palate with a touch of toasted oak. It is dry and medium-bodied with just the right amount of acidity.


2019 Fume Blanc
Nevada County

The 2019 Fumé Blanc is aromatic with notes of citrus, honey, pear, toasted oak, and minerality. The palate is smooth and silky with beautifully integrated acidity, creating a long, lingering finish with depth and complexity.


2017 Zinfandel​
Sierra Foothills

Complex aroma of boysenberries and red cherries with a hint of anise. It is full bodied with moderate tannins and a long cherry finish.


NV Rough & Ready Red
Sierra Foothills

Fully flavored with medium body and mild tannins. It offers rewarding flavors of berries and plums with hints of pepper and spice.


NV Cabernet Sauvignon​
Nevada County

This Cabernet Sauvignon is charming and approachable. It shows varietal character with black cherry, fig, leather, toast, and a touch of chocolate. It is medium bodied, has soft tannins, and a moderate to long finish.

We know the most intimidating part of purchasing a wine keg
is getting the equipment together to properly tap it.
Therefore, we established a relationship with Sierra Moonshine to ensure everything would be available locally. You can either rent or purchase all necessary equipment from Sierra Moonshine or select set packages already equipped with everything you need. The owner, John Lyon, will personally set up these keg packages and test it to ensure usability. 

There are many ways to configure a wine tap and we encourage you to research all options for the best fit. However, here is a list to get you started. 

Wine tap equipment consists of:
Wine-Compatible 304 Stainless Steel Faucet(s)Keg Coupler(s), 
Nitrogen cylinder, Nitrogen Gas, Gas Lines, and Regulator.
Three Different Tapping Options