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Kathy Triolo's "Wings and Whimsy"
Kathy Triolo's "Wings and Whimsy"

February 17th – March 27th


Nevada City Winery

Kathy Triolo's "Wings and Whimsy"

Fine Art Photographer and Digital Artist, Kathy Triolo, offers us a chance to take flight, perch, and even cock our heads with wonder at the splendor of Birds.

Time & Location

February 17th – March 27th

Nevada City Winery, 321 Spring St, Nevada City, CA 95959, USA

About The Event

Opening Reception: Friday, February 18th, 5:00–7:00 PM

Showing February 17th – March 27th

About the Show

Fine Art Photographer and Digital Artist, Kathy Triolo, offers us a chance to take flight, perch, and even cock our heads with wonder at the splendor of Birds.

Along with being a highly skilled Photographer, Triolo has the ability to envision and imaginatively create anew; from a Bird keenly watching us, to a Bird in a scene reminiscent of a 16th/17th century ‘Master’s’ painting. Above all, these works are filled with the spirit of delight.

Artist Statement

Fine Art Photographer/Digital Artist, Kathy Triolo talks about her Show, “Wings and Whimsy,” at the Nevada City Winery Gallery –

I use photography as a means to document the everyday world around me and enjoy taking images that call attention to things that other people might overlook or consider mundane. This exploration of the mundane helps me be more fully present in my everyday life.

This show highlights images of common birds that I’ve photographed over the past year and worked with digitally through my creative process in Photoshop. Many of them are infused with a bit of “whimsy” while others are simply meant to be enjoyed “as is”, hence the title “Wings and Whimsy”.

About the Artist

“I’ve been a creative all my life. My mother worried many times that I would start something only to lose interest and follow some other shiny thread. Little did she know that I was doing something akin to wine tasting…tasting the buffet of life and staying a little longer with something that spoke to me and a little less time with things that had no value for me.

She needn’t have worried. I finally settled with Photography from the first click of my shiny new Brownie camera.”

Triolo started as an Art major in college, but after both of her parents passed away in her early twenties, she says, “At that point I knew that I had to worry more about putting food in my mouth than pictures on the wall.” She eventually became a Marriage and Family Therapist working with families with special needs children and adults with disabilities.

After retirement, Triolo found her way back to Photography; And in the last 6 years, she has been devoted to rediscovering her love of photography and digital art.

She won the California Golden Bear at the 2018 California State Fair for Best Photography. Her response to winning was, “I’ve been on a high since then.” Following that award, she has won many more accolades for her Photography/Digital Art, including photos sold at the PBS KVIE Auction for the past two years. Her work has also been featured in the SCYRCL Wild and Scenic Art Exhibition the past few years including this year.

To quote Triolo, “The “tasting” is endless and to that, this show is a “taste” of my love of Bird Photography and Digital Art. I hope you find many “notes” that bring you joy.”

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