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Liz Collins’ “Mosaics in Paper”
Liz Collins’ “Mosaics in Paper”

May 18th – June 25th


Nevada City Winery

Liz Collins’ “Mosaics in Paper”

Snippets of bygone maps, mystery words on paper, architectural plans; Collins transforms these into leaves glistening, reflections on water, and crisscrossing borderlines into sky.

Time & Location

May 18th – June 25th

Nevada City Winery, 321 Spring St, Nevada City, CA 95959, USA

About The Event

Opening Reception: Friday, May 19th from 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Showing: May 18th – June 25th

About the Show

All of Liz Collins’ work, no matter the subject, evokes a sense of ease and of being at home in the world. There is life in every shape, scene, figure, and even every object. Now, with her show, “Mosaics in Paper” Collins reminds us of our relationship to place, as she shares and offers her sensitive and attuned connection to these dreamland nature settings. You will want to journey with her to these lush places. 

The whole notion of landscapes expands and morphs with Collins’ inventive interpretation and perspectives. For this series, Collins’ spectrum of colors goes from deep and vivid tropical hues to almost ethereal and light pastels.

Since Collins is a writer and poet, it is not surprising that there are hints of stories waiting to be told; 

Trees lean together in unison like a Barbershop Quartet preparing to sing.

One lone, colorful umbrella off in the distance enjoys a magnificent view of the ocean, with sloping mountains. The scene is engulfed by daunting humongous clouds, seeming to touch the umbrella.

Near a pond, a small cozy house is ensconced in golden grasses, its chimney smoke touches a cloud-filled prairie sky.

Snippets of bygone maps, mystery words on paper, architectural plans; Collins transforms these into leaves glistening, reflections on water, and crisscrossing borderlines into sky. This entices the viewer to be drawn to the tiniest of details. She even uses paper as negative space for light shining through, and amazingly puzzles everything together and integrates it into these wonderous settings calling the viewer to linger and explore every inch.

Artist Statement

Liz Collins talks about her Show “Mosaics in Paper” at the Nevada City Winery Gallery

My work is all about color. Nature’s natural shades are beautiful, but my idea is to change the shades, up the ante, add extra glow, extra contrast, paint a brown tree red if I want. Nature does a fine job of making beauty. It’s not for me to copy it but to be inspired by it. The freedom art gives me to represent things my way, using color combinations that make me want to stare at them for hours is what keeps me coming back to the easel. But there’s a fine line between a beautiful, exciting color combination and one that could fall to the garish side. I love to balance on that tightrope, and if I fall, it’s important to get up, re-do, try again. 

I call this body of work “Paper Mosaics,” as all of them are mainly torn paper: maps, architectural drawings, writing. I love their inherent texture and markings. Sometimes I start with an acrylic painting, sometimes just with paper alone. There’s a morphing, a serendipity that happens with the paper placement that would not have happened with paint alone. Though they are many times more time-consuming than my paintings or oil pastels, the results are something that gets me up in the morning thinking, “What’s next?” 

About the Artist

Liz Collins is an award-winning artist who has gained a reputation through her vibrant colors and off-kilter perspective. She has been honored with many awards throughout her career including from the Sausalito Art Festival and the prestigious Cherry Creek Art Festival in Denver. Her lively work has adorned numerous magazine covers, as well as been chosen as the poster art for several festivals throughout the country. She lives with her husband, two cats, and a dog in the lovely foothills of the Sierra Mountains and when she is not making art, she is writing poetry and has completed two novels to date. 

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